Saturday, February 4, 2017

Quick News


Depeche Mode have released the tracklisting for their forthcoming album, Spirit. Singer Dave Gahan said in a press release of the record: "We are exceptionally proud of Spirit, and we look forward to sharing it with everyone. With James Ford and the rest of the production team, we've made an album that I believe is truly powerful, both in its sound and its message." Take a look at the tracklisting, below:
Going Backwards             
Where's the Revolution                               
The Worst Crime                            
You Move                          
Cover Me                          
Poison Heart      
So Much Love                   
No More (This is the Last Time)                                 

H.R. from Bad Brains is in need of serious PMA. The hardcore legend has to undergo brain surgery after suffering trigeminal neuralgia, a rare a neurobiological disorder. Our thoughts are with him for a successful operation.

Incubus guitarist Mike Einzinger took to Twitter to announce that new details of an upcoming album from the SoCal band are coming "soon." L.A. radio station KROQ has heard some of the music, saying it is "mid-tempo rock," and the record could arrive in April. 

Peter Hook took to Facebook to announce that he is releasing live records of his band The Light performing the music of Joy Division and New Order in May. Take a look: