Friday, April 28, 2017

Quick News

The Kickback will release their sophomore album, Weddings and Funerals, this summer. Take a look at the cover, above.

Haim announced that their new album, Something to Tell You, will be out in July.

KMFDM will release their new EP, YEAH!, in June. Take a look at the cover, below:

Iggy Pop was presented with France's highest cultural honour the Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters by French Consul General, earlier in the week. Congrats, Iggy!

Speaking to Zane Lowe on his Beats Radio 1 show, Matt Healey of The 1975 announced that the band's new album, Music For Cars, will arrive later this year. "Music for Cars has always been called that, and we were always gonna do a trilogy of records," he said. "And I'm not saying that after this album it's the end of the 1975, but it's definitely the end of an era."

Portugal. The Man have announced that their new album, Woodstock, will arrive in June. The record features production from Danger Mouse, and Beastie Boy Mike D. Take a look at the cover, below:

It has been a big week for Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett as the new Gorillaz album, Humanz, has finally arrived and the singer had a massive press week where he dove in on everything from Blur, Gorillaz, and working with Noel Gallagher. So, we will bullet point the highlights:
  • As far as a new Blur record goes, the singer said he is unsure if the Britpop band will make another record. He told Rolling Stone: "We’re all really good friends. And I feel like I’ve given many of my best years to Blur, so I don’t feel guilty in that sense. I’ve never said I’d never make another record. It’s all the same thing at the end of the day. It’s the nuances that make it different. It’s just more music, to add to the mountain of music there already is.” 
  •  Hewlett told Exclaim that a Gorillaz animated series is finally in the works and will air next year. "I’ll direct the first and the last one, but we’ll have to get someone in to direct the other episodes. I think even attempting to do it all by myself will kill me." He added: "Everybody does CGI now, and it is great when you’re making backgrounds, like environments and landscapes, but not the actual characters. I’m still very much inspired by the work of Chuck Jones, and I love that animation. It’s art. I’d like to keep the characters in that style for the rest of this campaign. So the characters on the show will be 2D, but everything else is up for grabs.”
  • Finally, Noel Gallagher revealed to Vulture that he invited Damon Albarn to play on his new solo record but they are unsure if he can do it because it all depends on their schedules. Gallagher, who was once rivals with Albarn, appears on the new Gorillaz album and was asked by Vulture what he thinks his brother, former Oasis singer, Liam Gallagher, would think of him performing on the record, the "Mighty I" singer replied: "Listen, nobody gives a fuck what Liam thinks about anything.”
That of course did not sit well with Liam, who took to Twitter and said: