Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Francis & The Lights INTV!

Given his birth name, Francis Starlite, Francis was born to entertain. The main man of Francis and the Lights had a break out year in 2010. From recording and touring with hip-hop sensation Drake to psychedelic rockers MGMT to synth sensations La Roux, Francis has put the spotlight on himself. As 2010 was a massive year for the singer, 2011 is already looking to be bigger with a headlining tour, a spot at Coachella and already working on a follow up to his acclaimed debut. Just before coming back to his native New York to perform at Soho's La Passion Rouge, we spoke with Francis about his success, work and upcoming projects. Don't expect the singer to give too many details, he is just as much of an enigma as his persona. Take a look at our interview below..

Given your name, do you feel as if you were born to be on stage? Be a star?

I am what I make of myself.

Your music is very soul meets pop meets 80’s New Wave, who are some of your influences?

I try as hard as I can to not talk about other musicians and bands. I am mostly influenced by the book "the Elements of Style" by Strunk and White.

You have received high praise from people like Drake and Kanye West, how does it make you feel knowing that people outside the genre are listening and praising you?

Both of those artists transcend any 'genre,' and I hope to do the same.

You worked with Drake on his record “Thank Me Later” then opened for him, what was that like?

It was incredible.

Your live shows have gotten you much attention, what is it on stage that you are doing that has everyone in awe?

Singing and dancing.

You toured with a variety of people last year, from Drake to MGMT to La Roux and Kesha. How difficult was it opening for various genres and different types of fans each night?

Being an unknown opening act for a headliner with #1 hits is a difficult proposition, no matter who is involved. This is the significant factor. That said, I go out there and do my work.

You went to Wesleyan University where you met and linked up with MGMT, do you guys continue a friendship and relationship?

I have only admired them from afar.

What was it like recording your debut, It’ll be Better?

It was hard. The songs and I had been through a lot, and we were tired.

The record only featured eight songs, it had some up in arms saying it wasn’t a full album, do you feels that it is the quality of song not quantity of songs on a record?

Yes. Most of my favorite records are short.

Is there a follow up already in the works?

I am working on new songs, and I hope to release them soon. I need to figure out how to record them, and with whom to release them.