Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Layout!

Don't be scared, no you are not crazy...We changed the layout of the site! We hope you like it!

Once in a while you need to do some cleaning, so we took down Grandma's wallpaper and tossed up a nice fresh blue color and added some red. We are not 100% done but we are getting there. We shifted our side bar from the left to the right and added the "Popular Posts" section, so now you can see which top five of our posts are a major hit around the globe! Also, there is a much more sophisticated search engine thanks to our friends at Google. Again, we hope you dig it!

Keep coming back and enjoying the same site you have been since 2006! We told you 2011 would be the year of bigger and better things, so here is how we are kicking it off! Enjoy!