Saturday, February 5, 2011

Holy Ghost & About Group Cover & Track Listings

DFA darlings Holy Ghost are set to release their new album on April 12. The band's infectious dance and electronic heavy sounds are sure to send a sonic pulse to any dance floor. Take a look at the cover and track listing below.

1. do it again
2. wait and see
3. hold my breath
4. say my name
5. jam for jerry
6. hold on7. it’s not over
8. slow motion
9. static on the wire
10. some children

Now this is a British supergroup for the ages, Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, Spiritualized guitarist John Coxan, This Heat drummer Charles Hayward and beatmaker Pat Thomas are About Group. They are set to release their second disc in April, which was recorded in one single afternoon at Abbey Road. Wow! Take a look at the cover and track listing of About Group's Start and Complete.

1. Married To The Sea (a)
2. Don’t Worry
3. With Each New Day
4. Repair Man
5. Lay Me Down
6. A Perspective
7. There’s a Way To End This Run of Doubt
8. A Sinking Song
9. Nothing But Words
10. You’re No Good
11. Rough and Smooth
12. Start and Complete
13. Dreamt I Saw You Late Last Night
14. Married To The Sea (b)