Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rising Artist - Dylan Fox & The Wave

The White Stripes may have come and gone but their legacy will be felt in every rock and roll duo that just uses drums, vocals and guitar. Band's such as The Black Keys, The Royal Chains, Blood Red Shoes and so on. One of those band's who's influence can be taken from anyone of those bands but they are making it all their own in their own unique style. For California duo and brothers, Dylan and Sean Fox who make up Dylan Fox and the Wave, the dynamic duo are taking garage rock mixing it with surf and fuzz and are showing the West Coast how to get down. They just released their EP, the Fuzz EP two months ago and are ready to make a big splash in your ears. They are one of those acts that even though there may just be two of them, they are making more than enough sound to fill a room and have it moving.