Sunday, February 13, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! Frankie & The Heartstrings INTV!

Could Britpop be making a comeback? With an influx of band's coming from the UK, one could see that another invasion is on the rise. Bands with so much hype (and rightfully living up to it) are coming in droves from the land of Three Lions. Yet, of any of the bands that are coming, none represent and stick to the Britpop values or are just an essential British export more than Frankie and the Heartstrings. The band is set to release their debut, Hunger this week in the UK and they have fans and critics foaming at the mouth to hear what the full album will sound like. Singer Frankie Francis has already been compaired to Mick Jagger due to his stage presence and the band's live shows are having every club goer talking and every club owner trying to book them. Frankie and The Heartstrings are pure rock and roll, no question. They are a band that will appeal to every fan of good music and with their cocky charm, the band is ready to invade every ear. In his first American interview, we spoke to the charasmatic and very confident front man Frankie Francis about the band's hype, sound and style. Take look at the first American Interview of Frankie from The Heartstrings.

Hailing from Sunderland, was it harder to get recognized unlike bands that come from or migrate to London or Manchester?

We didn't really set out to do things to get recognized, we get recognized because of what we do and how we do it. We had a lot of interested people approach us from early on and thats cool, because if we find it interesting we think others will to.

The look of the band is also very unique, you look like an old school rock and roll band. Is the style just as important as the sound to the overall package of the Heartstrings?

Well as individuals we have always stood out for what we wear. I think the old school rock and roll comparison is cool but its not the whole of our look

There has been so much written about you and you do not even have a record out. This is just simply unheard of in music, at least in America. How does it feel to be a buzz band before the debut is released?

I guess that its exciting, and very encouraging. I like to play to people who think that we are just a buzz band, once you see us live you realise we are much more than that.

How was recording for the debut?

Im sitting in the reception area right now of Edwyn Collin's studio in West London right now. Its an incredible opportunity not just to be recording in a proper studio but with our idol. He's an amazing man and has a lot of talent.

Do you think you will just explode once it arrives?

Im so excited to see what people will think of the record. theres music on there that shows the delicate tender side of song making and theres also sing along pop hits. We all listen to records romantically so weve taken care to include intro's and outro's to both sides of the record. also a lot of consideration has gone into the running order.

As I read some of your influences, I noticed two bands that really stuck out. 1 – Dexy’s Midnight Runners, they are more than just a one hit wonder to you. How have they impacted you? The other band was Orange Juice, I know of a slew of young British bands that are mentioning their influence these days. Do you think they are getting the credit they deserve today that they didn’t get back then?

Maybe its just our generation giving nods to our dads record collections, but we really love those artists mentioned. Dexys and Orange juice are true British pop bands and there albums speak to us and inspire us everyday

As you were starting out Florence Welch asked you to support her and the Machine on tour, what was it like being asked that and having her in your corner backing you up?

It was a great opportunity and we are very lucky to have done that tour. Making friends with anyone along the way is great. The worst part was going to back to work the next day to our 9-5's as we were'nt signed back then

It has been said that you plan on being bigger and Jesus, bigger than The Beatles and better than U2. Do you think that is pretty stiff competition?

Not really, we dont like the Beatles or U2 and we dont believe in Jesus

From NME to Independent to Clash Music, your live shows have gained you so much attention and everyone says that Frankie is a natural front man. Do you attest this as the biggest key to your success?

The best thing about Frankie and the Heartstrings is exactly that, without all the elements, Dave, Mike, Mick , Den, Frankie nothing would be possible

From headlining clubs to supporting Florence, The Drums then to Glastonbury. What has this ride been like so far for you?

Pretty unreal, I still wake up thinking this is the best thing ever !!!! Im just so excited to be able to work on our stuff all day everyday, its a real privilege and were gunna grab it with both hands and move forward together , strong as fuck

How will 2011 top 2010?

I guess the album is well received and we continue to play our hearts out when we get the chance to new and existing fans, and the music we create gets better as it is, and we continue having fun.

There are so many young bands coming from the UK now and thanks to the internet they have been gaining global attention. Acts like yourself, Chapel Club, The Heartbreaks, Strange Death of Liberal England, Two Door Cinema Club and so on. Do you think that British indie is surpassing what is coming from North America? Do you feel that this is the next British invasion? How do Frankie and the Heartstrings stand out and above the others?

We are very much an British Indie band, we cant pretend to be anything else. Come and see us play and you'll see why were worth getting excited about. Movements are stronger if people stick together, Weve met Chapel Club there nice guys, if we all continue to make good music and put on good shows there will be no stopping us. Its a very exciting time for music , something is happening and I think were gunna have a say in it.