Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick News

Well, at this point, it is old news but it still much be mentioned for those that have not heard - BRAND NEW RADIOHEAD COMING SATURDAY! The creative masterminds will release their seventh album, The King of Limbs this weekend as an mp3 download BUT you can order a box set, or what they are calling a "newspaper album," HERE. The band have given zero info as to what the album will feature, all we know is that it was recorded in England and LA and longtime Radiohead producer, Nigel Goodrich is back on deck. We will have to wait till this weekend.

Directer, Julian Temple (Glastonbury, The Filth and the Fury) is set to direct a biopic on the late Marvin Gaye. No word as to casting but the film hopes to be out by 2012.

The Horrors will return this July with a new album. No other word was given rather than the month of it's release via the band's website forum.

Foo Fighters have given the title, track listing and release date to their latest record. The band's new disc, Wasting Light arrives on April 12. Take a look at the track listing below:
1. "Bridge Burning"
2. "Rope"
3. "Dear Rosemary"
4. "White Limo"
5. "Arlandria"
6. "These Days"
7. "Back & Forth"
8. "A Matter of Time"
9. "Miss the Misery"
10. "I Should Have Known"
11. "Walk"