Sunday, February 27, 2011

Road to the Oscars 2011!

Tonight is the night! Get the popcorn and champagne ready for Hollywood's biggest night. In a film year marked by outstanding performances in solid films, we will honor film's art and achievements for another year. In a year when documentaries like The Two Escobars, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Client #9 and Inside Job had some brilliant narratives they could have been features and that the best picture of the year had no human actors in it, it shows the strength of motion pictures. With a new generation of hosts in James Franco and Anne Hathaway, the Oscars are going for ratings gold in trying to bring in a new audience and appeal. Hopefully they can lighten up the usual stuffy telecast. Also, one who everyone is curious to see lighten up the show and bring surprises will be mysterious street artist Banksy, who's documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop has been nominated for Best Documentary. We will have to see!

As we do every year, here is our list of the 10 Best Films of the Year as well as some Oscar picks in the major categories. Tune in to ABC tonight at 7 to see how we did and who won.


1- Toy Story 3
2- Inception
3- 127 Hours
4- The Fighter
5- Blue Valentine
6- The Social Network
7- The King's Speech
8- Shutter Island
9- Somewhere
10- Never Let Me Go

Oscar Picks for 10 Categories

Best Picture:
The King's Speech

Best Actor:
Colin Firth

Best Actress:
Natalie Portman

Best Supporting Actor:
Christian Bale

Best Supporting Actress:
Melissa Leo

Best Director:
David Fincher

Best Cinematography:
Wally Pfister

Best Screenplay (Original):

Best Screenplay (Adapted):
The Social Network

Best Score:
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross