Saturday, November 2, 2013

Movie of the Month - Midnight in Paris

Only Woody Allen can take us on a neurotic fantasy through time while setting it in Paris. Only Woody Allen can also craft a near masterpiece romantic comedy at his age when most directors his age are looking to retire. In 2011, Allen released one of his greatest films, in a long line of great films with Midnight in Paris. The film, which stars Owen Wilson as a writer on holiday in Paris with his fiancee, played by Rachel McAdams, must confront the unraveling of his relationship with his future wife and discovers how different they are by traveling back in time at midnight where he meets some of his literary and artistic heroes. While the film combines romantic comedy and surrealism, it takes us on a journey of the mind and emotion without getting too cerebral but getting us to realize that not everything is what it seems. The film, which features an all-star cast of Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, Marion Cotillard, Michael Sheen, Carla Bruni, and many more. The film was Allen's biggest box-office smash and even went on to win him an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Midnight in Paris is film that shows Allen still has it.