Monday, November 11, 2013

Quick News

Ice-T has confirmed that his early 90's rap / rock band Body Count will release a brand new album in 2014.

Nas has signed on as executive producer on the upcoming documentary Shake The Dust, which tells the stories of B-Boys in Uganda, Yemen, and Colombia. He is overseeing the production as well as providing music to the film's soundtrack. Shake The Dust is slated to come out next year.

A biopic about late Who drummer, Keith Moon, is currently in production. The film will chronicle Moon's later days and his notorious wild side that took his life at age 32 in 1978. The film, which now has financial backing is looking for a script. No word as to when the film's release will arrive.

Bloc Party's Kele Okereke has announced a new four-song EP that will arrived next month called, Crosstown Rebels.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wu-Tang Clan's debut masterpiece, Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, RZA gave an interview to Grantland and the topic of the groups new album, A Better Tomorrow, came up. The album, which was supposed to arrive in July was delayed to November, but now no release has been set and RZA blames it on some of the groups members. He said, "It's like, wow, I kept trying to pull people together. I spent a lot of money and a lot of time this year. I put my movie career on hold for the first half of the year because I was focusing on making this. I went down to Memphis, I went down to Philadelphia, I came back to the East Coast to reopen the Wu Mansion. I invested thousands of dollars to rebuild it so that we can have a place to record a new album. And when I scheduled that to happen, only a few good brothers showed up. And one of the guys who showed up the most was Method Man. He showed the most tenacity, he was the most vocal, he showed up the most, and he got the most lyrics on the new album. He's already recorded eight or nine songs. He’s been on it. You know, I give Cappadonna credit, he’s been really on it. U-God has been present. Masta Killa be representing. Inspectah Deck has been somewhat present. Ghost has been, you know, 20 percent present. And Raekwon hasn't shown up at all. When you look at somebody like Masta Killa and U-God, they seem to have that original hunger to complete the legacy. I respect that everybody [is] busy with they own lives. I started with a plan that I thought would work. Now maybe my plan not working. I feel like we have enough material on the album. I just need Raekwon to come onboard fully. I need some more energy from Ghost and GZA. If they give that energy, I will give us a great last album. If they don't give us the energy, I gotta figure out a plan B." Raekwon responded to the article and interview via Twitter: "Yea i just read that rza article? Shit is funny to me. I love u rza, u know what it really is."