Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Action Bronson & Party SuppliesBlue Chips 2
It has been a year-and-a-half since Bronson and Supplies teamed up for their near flawless mixtape and one of last years best albums, Blue Chips. Now, the prove that they are one of the best rapper / producer teams in hip-hop with the brilliant Blue Chips 2. The latest mixtape proves that sequels do not suck and hears them paying homage to the mid 90’s. It is a slice of life style tape that features samples from Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Tracy Chapman, and memorable bites from NBA players of the era, and of course raw sampling and beat work that is a throwback to hip-hop’s glory days. Bronsolino and Supplies do it again, and we hope there is a third installment to the Blue Chips saga in the works.

Arcade Fire Reflektor
After months of viral campaigns, little information, new sounds, and much anticipation, Arcade Fire released their fourth album and what a change of atmosphere but not pace. For Reflektor, the Canadian band was influenced by the street musicians of Haiti, African drummers, and clearly the 1980’s, instead of using their signature string section, the band dropped that in flavor of horns and synths for an apocalyptic dance party for the ages. Taking in clear influences from Talking Heads, New Order, and 80’s era Bowie, who appears on the record which was produced by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. Reflector is a musical voyage that feels like something very positive and friendly, but what makes this stand out above just being a pop album done a la Arcade Fire, is that each song has a deep, personal, and often times very dark message and story. It is something you can dance to but it is something that will also bring out raw emotions in you as well, which is why this band is so special.

LordePure Heroine
Lorde is the New Zealand sensation that rose to fame this summer thanks to the worldwide hit, “Royals.” However, she is so much more than just a flash-in-the-pan pop song, Pure Heroine, hears a girl reaching for her goals thanks to hear talent but on a deeper level hears her reaching out to become her own woman. She is one to keep an eye out on for years to come.

Mazzy Star Seasons Of Your Day
For the first time since 1996, Mazzy Star returned with a new album and fresh collection of tracks that picks up as if they never went anywhere all these years they were gone. While the album was recorded between 2007 and 2012, it does not feel disjointed or sporadic, it feels whole and complete as if they were in the studio focused for a matter of weeks rather than years.

Strangelight 9 Days
With Geoff Rickley of Thursday linking up with members of Goes Cube, Mussels, Made out of Babies, Bad Powers, Pushmen, White Widows, United Nations, anything is possible. Strangelight is that possibility, a collection of post-hardcore songs influenced by Fugazi that just make total sense for everyone in this band to be doing at this point in their careers.

Lemmy and the boys are back, enough said.

Holy Ghost!Dynamics
The DFA synth-pop duo return with their sophomore effort and clearly have been perfecting their craft in the studio and on the road. Dynamics is a fun, dance party free-for-all that has Holy Ghost! Continuing the iconic DFA legacy.

ChromeoWhite Women
The Canadian dance duo return with their third album of party anthems and in typical Chromeo fashion, it brings together sexy beats, fun lyrics, and good vibes.

DiploRevolution EP
Only Diplo can DJ a debaucherious dance party with a full suit on and not break a sweat, and only Diplo can release an EP that allows you to do the same. Revolution is a short and too the point way of Diplo saying, “Go get crazy, on me.”

Saves the Day
The eighth album from the emo legends hears something so fresh and so relaxed from the Jersey band that it sounds as if they are a whole new act all together. For years, Saves the Day never got the recognition they deserved as a band, and now, it seems as if they stopped caring what people think of them and wrote from the heart, and it pays off. This is their best album since Stay What You Are.

Ariana Grande Yours Truly
The debut from one of music’s new pop princesses, Ariana Grande, sounds more like a what should be on pop radio rather than some of the crap they are playing from bigger names. Yours Truly is a dive in R&B, pop, and soul that hears Grande showcasing what she does best, steal the spotlight.

Royal BangsBrass
Royal Bangs return with their new album produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys who really gets his claws into the bands sound – in a good way. Brass hears The Royal Bangs still bringing somewhat aggressive rock-meets-synth-pop sounds but thanks to Carney’s touch, it now has a fuzzy, distorted feel to it that feels just right.

FanfarloThe Sea EP
As we wait for a brand new Fanfarlo LP, the English band released an EP to satisfy cravings of the symphonic rock band. The Sea is a self-produced and self-released EP that is much more raw and organic than what they have done in the past, the only issue is, we want an album now!

Pusha-T My Name Is My Name
The long awaited new album from ½ of Clipse has finally arrived. My Name Is My Name is a star studded production featuring Kanye West and Hudson Mohawk on the decks and appearances by Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz, Kanye, Big Sean, Future, Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar. The only issue with the album is that with so many guests, Pusha hardly leaves room for himself, but overall, it is a worthwhile listen.

Frankie Rose Herein Wild
After last years outstanding Intersteller album, Frankie Rose returns to her garage DIY roots on Herein Wild that has her sounding like she is back in one of her former bands like Dum Dum Girls and Vivian Girls. While it is still a decent listen, we do wish it was another sonic shift like she took us on last year.

Yoko Ono Take Me To The Land Of Hell
Linking up with her son, Sean, again as producer and musician, the icon that is Yoko Ono also teams up with The Flaming Lips, surviving members of Beastie Boys, Yuka Honda, Lenny Kravitz, and slew of others to produce a record of art rock that only Yoko could give us.

YuckGlow and Behold
The English garage rock band return with their sophomore LP and Glow & Behold picks up just where their acclaimed 2011 debut left off.

Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr.  The Speed of Things
The lightning fast pop rock band from Michigan come back with a new record that features that same old tricks, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The Sounds Weekend
The Swedish dance rock outfit return with their fifth album and while we always felt that they sound be way bigger in the U.S. than they already are, this album seems to sidetrack them. Weekend sounds as if the band are trying too hard to write and record the perfect pop-rock radio friendly song, but the thing is, they are far too talented to be trying, they can do that and have done that in the past thanks to their stellar first three albums and showcased that again in 2011 with Something To Die For. We love this band and will continue to love them, but they just need to be themselves and not try and be on the radio.

2ChainzB.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time
2Chainz is a rapper that is way smarter than he lets on, a former scholarship student and deans list student, he is famous because of a fucking catch phrase – his signature, slowed down “Two Chainz.” However, his latest offering showcases more of his brains than his gimmicks thanks to songs like “Black Unicorn,” and “Beautiful Pain.” If he releases an album full of tracks like that, we might take his seriously.

Black FlagWhat The…
Given all of the controversy over Black Flag coming back together and touring this year, they buckled down to release a new record, their first with Ron Reyes on vocals since 1980’s Jealous Again and the first album of new Black Flag material since 1985. However, not all reunions are justified and not all of them warrant a new album, especially when What The.. sounds like middle aged men just trying to capitalize on their youth and trying to be cool. However, word to the wise guys, you founded Black fucking Flag, you don’t need to try! Just let it be!