Saturday, November 2, 2013

Underrated Classic: Sean Lennon "Into The Sun"

Being the son of John Lennon must be a gift and a curse. Gift because your father was one of the most prolific artists and musicians that ever walked the face of the Earth. A curse simply because if you pursue in the same footsteps as him, you are immediately going to be judged and unfairly ridiculed if the music and art is not up to the standards and bar that your patriarch had raised. In 1998, Sean Lennon signed with Beastie Boys Grand Royal label and released his triumphant solo debut, Into The Sun. The album, which was a dive into experimental and alternative rock was unlike anything his father would have created and showed the world Sean had the chops to make it on his own as a musician. With help from his then girlfriend, Yuka Honda and friend Cibo Matto, the album even produced a top single and video for the song, "Home." While Sean now plays with his current band, The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger, it was his debut solo venture that put him on the map as an artist that could stand alone while having his father's name.