Saturday, October 11, 2014

Quick News

Marina & the Diamonds have confirmed that her new record will be called Froot. No release date has been set, though many are speculating that it will arrive early next year.

Foals have given an update from the studio and have confirmed they are working on the follow-up to last year's Holy Fire. Their new album will be due next year.

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals have reunited. The band will perform their first shows since 2008 next March in San Fransisco. The band are also currently in Los Angeles rehearsing and recording new material for an album that will be delivered next year.

Fans of Chvrches may have to wait for new material. Keyboardist Ian Cook told Classic Pop, "You often see bands with a successful debut who get cocky, so they hash out something sub-standard and nobody gives a shit again. So we're not over-confident, but pressure can work against you too. We're not going to put out anything we aren't happy with. That could take four months, it could take two years. It's too early to talk about new songs, because nothing is finished. We do most of our work in the studio together – it's fine for one person to come up with something, but it's not a Chvrches song until it's been bounced back and forth between the three of us. There aren't any lyrics, but there are little bits where we're thinking 'I can see how that could really work.'"

The Who have confirmed they have begun work on their new studio album, the band's 12th, and it will arrive next year to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Julian Casablancas see's his new album with The Voidz, Tyranny, as a successor to The Strokes' second album, Room on Fire,  rather than The Strokes' other albums that followed. He said, "I think the last few records of The Strokes are an exercise in trying to get the flow and the work process smooth, and make sure we’re collaborating, everyone’s happy, and making sure it’s a positive, creative area. I’m still musically directing – or I don’t know what you’d call it – but I’ve definitely tried to let other people, rather than engage in debate, cede. For me, in a weird way, I see a lineage between the first two records and this Voidz record. The first Strokes record I felt turned out exactly how I wanted it to be, and the second one felt just like Part II of 'Is This It'. But then after 'Is This It', I just felt musically ['First Impressions...'] was a little simple. With all the confusion of what we were hearing from the outside world and the turmoil within the band and my life, I feel like things got sidetracked in many ways, so the Voidz is a continuation of 'Room On Fire' in many ways in terms of clarity of vision."