Saturday, March 4, 2017

Quick News

Next month, Joey Bada$$ will release his new album, American Bada$$. The Brooklyn rapper took to Instagram Friday to showcase the album cover, take a look, above.

London Grammar spoke to NME about their upcoming and untitled new album which is arriving this year. The British trio said they are putting the finishing touches on the record and mastering it now. “The first album was a lot more about relationships, but then the second one is too – but in a different way,” singer Hannah Reid told the magazine. “It’s probably about the relationship you have with yourself, rather than one specific other person. The relationship that us three had on the road, and there’s a lot about the meaning of life in general, which is SO lame, but that is what we talk about!”

Also speaking to NME was The Hives singer Pelle Almqvist who said the band have spent the last five years trying to figure out their new direction and despite touring, can't agree on what they want to do on a new record which could lead the singer to make a solo venture. “We have a bunch of songs but we can’t really agree on how to make it an album, or when to make it an album.,” Almqvist said. “We have a lot of awesome stuff but it hasn’t been recorded yet.” He added: "Yeah, that’s the problem, though. The direction. We can’t really agree. You’d get five different answers from asking five different band members. And that’s what we need to figure out before we make a record because you really need all to love it. Because then you’re stuck with it for the rest of your life, playing those songs. I mean, if you’re lucky enough to have a good record, you’ve got to play those songs forever.”

Slipknot are currently working on new songs for their next record but it might be a while before anyone hears anything. Shawn "Clown" Crahan told Michigan radio station WRIF: "But we're not just gonna sit around… some of us aren't just gonna sit around, because we've done that for twenty years. We just feel like writing. We've had so much fun writing 'The Gray Chapter', and people that started writing together during this album cycle never wrote together in fifteen years, so things are a little bit different and it's amazing and it's fun, and we have a good time." He added: "We don't need big, fancy studios or stuff to write.We can just go to each others houses and write, you know what I mean? Does that mean we're in the studio? Why would we go in the studio and just spend a bunch of money right now? No. We're writing, though. We're writing for the new record, and Corey gets songs. We have a lot of stuff already that we wrote out on the road for the last three years. We have songs that we've written that are amazing."

Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett was coy with NME about the release of a new album from the band. “I don’t know what our plans are, but we’ll make a new album when the time is right,” said Shiflett. “There will be a new Foo Fighters at some point.” The Foos are touring heavily this summer which could get the wheels in motion for them to start recording.