Saturday, July 23, 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

In a sad and tragic turn of events, singer Amy Winehouse was found dead at her Camden - North London home at age of 27. Ambulances were called to her flat in the early hours of the morning today and no cause of death has been announced.

The award winning Winehouse has battled drug and alchol problems for years even before her massive 2007 acclaimed Mark Ronson produced album, Back to Black was released. Recently Winehouse has staggered to get the recognition she once held. Winehouse in recent months has been boo-ed off stage, has cancelled appearances and has become an enigma in the studio in terms of a follow up to Back to Black.

Taking to twitter, some celebs have tweeted:
Q- Tip : The last time I spoke 2 amy I told her let her light shine more

Vernon Reid of Living Colour - Amy Winehouse lived her truth, but wasn't able to change it to escape her fate. Now comes the snark & the self righteous media judgement.

Nick Frost - Rest in peace Amy. Sad news.

Billy Bragg - I hope Amy Winehouse can find some peace

Frank Carter - I don't care what you think..The fact Amy Winehouse has passed away is very sad news. Love her or hate her she had an incredible talent RIP

Frankie Francis of Frankie and the Heartstrings - We are all shocked to hear the Amy Winehouse news, very sad x

Winehouse in many ways foreshadowed her death in the now infamous video for "Back to Black"