Sunday, May 19, 2013


When you hear Skye's voice on any of Morcheeba's songs or solo work, you know you are hearing something that seems to be not of this planet. Her voice is as powerful as an opera singer but is as tender as an eggshell. She mixes soul, rock, dub, and R&B over microbeats and has become the undisputed queen of trip-hop. After releasing her third solo album, Back To Now, last fall, she has been touring the world and also prepping with Morcheeba for a new album. We spoke to Skye about her music, Morcheeba, and her long career. Take a look.

What does the title of your latest record, Back To Now, signify?

The title 'Back To Now' is a line taken from a song 'Little Bit Lost' from the record. 'Trying to figure it out and find my way back to now'. It's about feeling centred or grounded, if you like. Letting go of the past and being ready to move forward. I'm in a good place right now, mentally, spiritually and the album title reflects that. 

With three solo records under your belt, how do you feel you have evolved as an artist?

Its been 6 years since my first solo record was released.  I have evolved and naturally, one changes as a person. I'm always learning something new and I feel like I'm getting better at songwriting. I've already started writing for my next solo album and I hope to always keep evolving. 

What did you do different on Back To Now that you had not done before?

In the past when writing songs, I would use a guitar or piano. This time around, I started with beats and loops. I knew I wanted the album to be more uptempo and have an electronic feel. Apart from 3 tracks, the whole record was written by myself and Steve Gordon (husband & writing partner). We had 10 finished songs that we then took to a producer.  That's another difference, the last two albums, each had two different producers. Back To Now was produce by just one person, Stephen Fitzmaurice, and in a shorter length of time. I think this record feels more cohesive. 

 Being that this is your third record, do you still get excited and / or nervous to make new music for yourself?

I'm every bit as enthusiastic aboutwriting and creating a new album as ever. I love being involved in the whole process. I have my own label 'Skyewards' and have complete creative control, right through to the art work on the CD and the music video. 

After rejoining Morcheeba in 2010, you are now back to being a solo artist full time or are you splitting your time among the projects?

Yep, I'm back in Morcheeba and we are in the process of writing a new album that will be out later this year. I will also continue to release solo albums. I'm in a very privileged  position that I can do both! 

You have collaborated with some amazing people, who would be your dream collaboration?

I'd love to work with Brian Eno and I'm a big fan of David Gilmore.  My dream collaboration would be to work with the music producer of the next Bond movie! I'd really love to sing a theme tune like Shirley Bassey. She's one of my favourite singers. 

One of your earliest influences was Sade, years later, people still compare your vocal abilities to hers. Is it flattering or is it lazy journalism to still be compared with her?

I've stopped reading interviews and reviews lately, so don't know if I'm still compared to Sade. Of course it's always amazing to be in the same breath as her! I've so much admiration for her. I saw her perform for the first time just a few years ago and was so blown away! 18 years, she had not performed in the UK! British Journalist said she couldn't sing and she walked away from it all. Middle finger to the lot of ya! 

Did you always want to be a singer or was it something you came into?

I've always sang since I was a child  but i was very shy. I it was my dream ti be a fashion designer. I studied at the London College of Fashion. When I met Paul and Ross & (Godfrey) they loved the sound  of my voice and I joined their dream. And now I'm 'living the dream' as they say. Plus, I make all of the dresses that I wear on stage. 

Of all the songs you have written or sang, which is your favorite and why?

Can I pick two? I love Bright Light from the current record. It's the last track on the album. It's base on the take of a friend who has fallen deep in to the darkness of depression. And I want to try and help them, to bring them back.  'I'll take my brightest light, I'll take my rope. I'll pull you out to love again' 

I also love 'Not Broken' from my 2nd album Keeping Secrets. (Released 2009). It's a very simple recording, voice and electric guitar, down tempo. Melancholic yet hopeful. Someone up loaded it on to YouTube and its gotten over a million hits without any push from a label or ad. People have found it and seem to really connect with it.