Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quick News

Kanye West broke the mold again by premiering his new single "New Slaves," on Friday night by projecting his face across 66 different buildings around the world. Still no word as to when a new album will arrive.

Pogues guitarist Philip Cheveron has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. The guitarist to the Irish icons still plans to make music.

After the departure of bassist Eric Avery earlier this week, Nine Inch Nails have added former NIN bassist Robin Finck back to the band.

Speaking to Miami New Times, Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack has confirmed the band have recorded new material and could release and EP this summer. He said, ""We still need to do the vocals, but we've been working on six new songs. Depending on how the finished things pan out, we're either going to put out a single or an EP. I think in June or July. That's one of the songs that could potentially be on it."

As reported earlier, Sigur Ros will be featured on Sunday's episode of The Simpsons. Simpsons creator Matt Groening said, "I'm a longtime fan of Sigur Rós, and we're honored to bring their Icelandic, ambient moods to our goofy cartoon show." Take a look at the poster for the episode below"

Travis have released the album cover to their new album, Where You Stand, which arrives in August. Take a look below, and take a look at our exclusive on the making of for the video to the albums title track HERE.

Chapel Club have released the cover to their forthcoming album, Good Together, take a look: