Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quick News

Beck will be releasing an album of new material this fall. The album will hear Beck go unplugged and will just be him with an acoustic guitar. No release date or title has been announced.

Iconic British emcee Dizzie Rascal will release his new album, The Fifth, this summer.

While Beady Eye prep their new album, BE for release next month, Liam Gallagher spoke to NME about the difficulties incorporating Oasis tunes into the bands set. Gallagher said, "We'll keep it as two because there's too many people loitering in the past. We can't be doing 10 of them in the set, we're not Oasis. Noel does quite a bit, but that's his fucking thing: splitting up Oasis and putting half the fucking songs in your fucking set, it's schizophrenic. If you want to play fucking Oasis songs put the band back together and stop being a fucking gobshite. But he hasn't got the balls to go and do High Flying Birds on his own, like we did [playing just Beady Eye songs initially]. That's just the nature of the man."

On Saturday, Andrew W.K. will perform a "UFO Inspired" keyboard show on the marquee of the New Museum in the Bowery section of New York City. According to a press release, Andrew will use his "keyboard to activate and control world renowned French artist Agathe de Bailliencourt’s multicolored light-based installation, inspired by the UFO musical dialogue scene from the 1977 sci-fi classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Each key of W.K.’s synthesizer will be connected to a different group of vibrantly colored rhomboids projected onto the entire front of the internationally renowned contemporary art museum. W.K. will improvise using the shapes and sounds as he performs live, right on the street in front of the museum." Awesome.

Diplo and Skirllex are teaming up for a new project called Jack U. The duo of DJ's will make their live debut at the Mad Decent Bloc Party in Santa Monica, California, in August.

Speaking for the first time about the stomach cancer that sidelined Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan for a bit in 2009, the singer told Q magazine, "At first they said it's a stomach virus. But this guy did ultrasound on me. He looked at the screen and said, 'I can see something'. He got another guy who said, 'OK, you have a tumour on your bladder. I can operate tomorrow.' Being the old dope fiend I am, I start to negotiate: I'm on the road, an eight-month tour, we've got to do this later. My denial was amazing. So this oncologist knelt down beside my bed, looked up at me and said, 'This is a chance. It hasn't broken through the wall of your bladder. Do you know how many people get this chance when we see the cancer early like this?'" A week after undergoing surgery, Gahan said that he hit a low point when he spoke to his wife, "I looked into her eyes and said, 'I'm gonna be OK,' and she said, 'But I'm not OK! I'm not OK with you thinking you can just go – go and die on me'. She knew that's what I meant, 'If this doesn't work out, I've had a good life, the kids are fine and...' She wanted me to shut up."

Even though there is a civil war in The Civil Wars, the Americana / country / folk  duo will release a new album in the summer despite being on indefinite hiatus. The self-titled release won't be a posthumous release, this seems to be all new music and not just leftover tracks. Take a look at the cover below: