Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quick News

The Horrors have confirmed to NME that they are nearly finished with their new album. Bassist Rhys Webb said, "We're right at the end of the recording process and ready to roll. We're recording 11 tracks. It's sounding very exciting." He adds: "I always think there is more in common with out albums than a lot of people say, but we always want to move forward as a band and make something better than what we have done before, and I think we have definitely been successful with that. Faris [Badwan, singer] is sounding fantastic too – I think it's the best he has ever sounded."

The Roots and Elvis Costello will release a collaborative album, Wise Up Ghost in September.

Following the success of his debut, Britrocker Jake Bugg has confirmed he is working with the legendary Rick Rubin for his sophomore album. The 19-year-old admitted that "I didn't know how well renowned he was when I went in there, so I kind of met the guy at face value and we got on really well," he told NME. No word yet on a release date for album number two.

Also speaking to NME, James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street Preachers has confirmed that his band are working on two albums. He said about the first record, "We've nearly finished mixing this one. It's much more acoustic based – I think there's one electric guitar on the entire record. But it's not Campfire Street Preachers, we're not banging boxes or anything. The lead track sounds like a miox between 'Rocks Off'-era Stones and Vegas-era Elvis." For the second album, he added, "It's a lot spikier and shinier. It's much more band-based, a tiny bit of krautrock influence. It's not like 'The Holy Bible' but there's a bit of the same intent and threat. Lyrically, it's got a European fascination. The landscape of Europe, the malaise of Europe, the malaise of us Brits not feeling part of it. We're not talking like the Tories, don't worry – there's not a song where we opt out of Europe. The lead track is me singing half in English and half in German."

The Jet Age of Tomorrow - the side band from Odd Future producers Matt Martians and Pyramid Vritra have released a free album called, Jellyfish Mentality. You can download it HERE.

Could a new Last Shadow Puppets album come out? That is what one half of the band, Miles Kane is telling NME. Kane, along with Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner formed the band in 2007 and released their slick debut in 2008. Kane now says, "I think the plan is to release something again, for sure...Since we did that [Alex Turner] has been busy and I had to find my feet with being on my own. If it comes after the end of this cycle and the end of his next record we'll probably be both ready and really up for it. It's just on the sidelines, there's nothing written for it."

As previous reported, Joey Bada$$ was releasing his new EP, Summer Knights next month. The EP has now turned into a full album arriving on June 12. Take a look at the cover below: