Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quick News

Motion City Soundtrack have confirmed they will be releasing a new album in 2015. No word yet as to when, but fans can look forward to the new year already.

After just six weeks on Broadway, the Tupac-inspired musical, Holler If Ya Hear Me will close on Sunday due to poor ticket sales. We were fortunate enough to see the play on it's opening weekend and it was very good, it is a shame it did not last longer.

The Ting Tings will release their new album, Super Critical, in October.

Drake will be calling his new album, Views From the 6, no word yet as to when this record will arrive.

Teen Brooklyn metal trio, Unlocking the Truth have signed a six-album, $.17 million deal with Sony music. No word yet as to when their debut will arrive, Sony announced they are committed to the first two albums and will option the other four.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Tool's Adam Jones and Danny Carey talked about why it has taken so long for their band's new album to arrive. Jones said, "The fans are pissed at us. And while part of me is selfish and goes, 'I'm not necessarily doing it for them,' it's time that they understand what's going on." The band have been involved in a lawsuit with an artist since 2007 and legality issues have halted the band a bit. The trial is set to begin in January after a series of setbacks. As far as what the songs they have demoed sound like, Carey said, "It's all a little more 'metal' sounding, if I may. I'm having fun drumming on it. There is one other song [beyond the 10-minute tune] that I would say is pretty much there. It's another one that's pretty gnarly with some good double-kick [drumming] going on in it." Carey then continued, ""I'm hoping that we have something really solid recorded by the end of the year. But we'll see how it goes. I thought that last year, too. But we're making great progress. We've really knocked out a lot of good things, especially over the last month. We're all excited about it." Jones added, "It's not good when it's done, it's done when it's good. We've been working at our own pace, but we don't want to put out something and go, 'This song's fine, just put it out.' I'm never gonna put something out where later, I go, 'Fuck, I wish we hadn't done that.' We're just not going to settle for doing anything but our best work, and the fans appreciate that."