Sunday, July 20, 2014

Great Soundtrack: Help!

While this month marks the 50th anniversary to The Beatles' iconic film and soundtrack, A Hard Day's Night, we decided to be a little devious and look at another classic Beatles soundtrack that stole the hearts of audiences around the world -- Help! Released in 1965, Help! was The Fab Four's second film and second soundtrack and sustained the band as the leading pop group of their era but then would cement their place as the greatest pop group of all time. With catchy tunes like "Help!," "Ticket to Ride," and a cover of "Dizzy Miss Lizzy," it also showed the tender side to the band with "Yesterday," "It's Only Love," "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away," "You're Going To Lose The Girl." Help! is one of the few soundtracks in history where it plays more like an actual studio album than it does as songs written for a motion picture. While the film is not as memorable as A Hard Day's Night, it's music is just as iconic.