Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Underrated Classic: The Frames - Dance the Devil

The Frames were a band that never took off in America. It is hard to try and figure out why. The had it all, killer rock riffs, amazing lyrics, the vocal and lyrical brilliance of Glen Hansard, and an arsenal of tunes coupled with an fantastic live show, it is a wonder that Hansard became a huge Oscar winning star on his own and never got the acclaim with his band. This Irish band were no joke and proved that on their third album, Dance the Devil, which arrived in 1999. Maybe the band tried to break in America during the wrong time with this record. In the States it was all about rap/rock and bullshit boy band pop back then and grunge, hard rock was out. Looking back on it now, 15 years after the fact, Dance the Devil is a fantastic and underrated classic that hardly anyone here heard. Packed with songs like "Pavement Tune," "The Stars Are Underground," and "Seven Day Mile," the singles were hits in the Ireland and the U.K. but failed to do anything here. After Hansard became a famous name thanks to Once, many started looking back into his locker of songs from The Frames, including myself, and Dance the Devil stood out the most and still does. This is a record that needs to be heard and enjoyed.