Sunday, July 20, 2014

Recommended Reading: An American Prayer

In 1970, Doors frontman Jim Morrison published a limited run of poems in a leatherbound book called, An American Prayer. The book, which featured poetry that Morrison would perform at cafe's around the world, was released to only 500 copies. The book, which was inspired by the beat-poets of his generation, was Morrison's words in action. Before he passed away, Morrison would record these poems and posthumously, his band, The Doors would put music behind the spoken word and release it as an album, the final Doors album, An American Prayer, in 1978. After the popularity of the record spread around the globe, Morrison's estate reissued the book, An American Prayer, in paperback in 1981.

The book, which is short in pages in big in inspiration. It is Morrison at his most insightful, vulnerable, chemical, and cerebral best. An American Prayer is a document to how Morrison saw the world and still will give you chills decades later and showcase the brilliance of a man we lost too soon.