Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quick News

TV on the Radio have announced that their new album, Seeds, will arrive this fall. The album will arrive via Harvest Records and was produced by band member David Sitek. Singer Tunde Adebimpe said in a press release, "We've been through a lot of stuff in the past few years that could have stopped the band cold, but I'm glad we got it together and took stock of the unique connection we have between each other because the record is, 1000%, without a doubt, the best thing we've ever done."

Following the announcement that Blur's 1995 Live at Budokan album will arrive digitally next month, Damon Albarn spoke to NME about what is going on with the new Blur record and if it will see the light of day. He said, "There are about 15 songs we recorded in Hong Kong. The annoying thing is, if I'd been able to write the lyrics there and then about being there, we'd have finished the record. But sometimes, if you can't do it all at once, it dissipates really and I don't know what I'd sing about now with that record. There's some great tunes on there, but it may just be one of those records that never comes out. I'd do some more work on it. I like making records in short periods of time if I can. It was a different process with 'Everyday Robots' because that was really thought out, but sometimes it's great to get some amazing energy and do something in 10 days. There was too much commuting between where we were staying and where we were recording and it was a bit too hot. I think that's why we didn't get it finished."

Taking to Twitter, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy gave an update on the band's new album. He told fans that they are going to have to wait for next summer to hear new music, which is when the album is expected to arrive. He also said, "Its gonna get heavy." 

El-P gave an update on Twitter that the latest Run the Jewels album is "One day away from being fully mixed." We hope to hear the album release announcement soon.

Led Zeppelin will be reissuing IV and Houses of the Holy this fall with bonus content and alternate packaging like they did with their first three albums earlier this year.