Friday, August 1, 2014

Movie of the Month: Pelada

While the World Cup just ended last month and the new club season about to start in the coming weeks, we look at a soccer film, like we do every August, that is worth checking out. The 2010 documentary Pelada follows two young filmmakers Luke Boughen and Rebekah Fergusson, who are also soccer players that take a sociological look at how soccer is played around the world when it is not in a fancy stadium but on the streets. The duo travel from the U.S. to the fevalas of Brazil to prisons in Argentina to the Middle East, South Africa, China, Central America, and around Europe showing how the ball doesn't know a language and how our differences are pushed aside during a game. In some cases, politics and religion cannot be left outside the lines and are brought into the field. This fantastic film shows why this world is obsessed with a sport that is more than just the beautiful game, it proves it is the world's game.