Friday, August 29, 2014

Quick News

Martin Scorsese has confirmed he is developing a Ramones biopic even though it was announced earlier this week he was working on a documentary. Apparently, that is not the case now and a Ramones film is in the works. No word as to when it will be cast or released.

James Murphy is keeping himself busy with the U.S. Open. The former LCD Soundsystem main man has been working with IBM and is transforming data from this years Open to craft music from the event. By the end of the tournament, Murphy will have over 400 hours of unique music that was created after taking the sounds from inside the stadiums and converting it to music data and files.

Suede have announced they will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their iconic album, Dog Man Star, with a massive box set reissue that features demos, a cassette, the remastered record, new liner notes and more. It arrives this fall.

Speaking to Q magazine, Jake Bugg talked about recording a new album and said, "It's just demos. It's an experiment – see what happens. Just trying to make it write itself. It could take five years, it could take five months." He did confirm last month that he is working with Rick Rubin again for album No. 3.