Friday, August 1, 2014

Underrated Classic: Queen

Forty one years ago, Queen arrived into the music world with their self-titled debut. The record showcased prog-rock, early metal and the voice of a legend that would change rock music forever -- Freddie Mercury. The band who had made a name for themselves playing around London for nearly two years had finally the chops to record the record they felt the music world needed. After subsequent delays with the album's release, it arrived in the summer of 1973 to positive but not stellar reviews. The album was called "patchy" but some critics and some called it good, yet everyone saw the potential for what this band could do if they kept at it. They must have channeled the sub-par reviews into something far more prolific, by the time their sophomore record, Queen II arrived, it was much more welcomed. Now, five decades after its release, putting on Queen's debut still shows the power they were building and the legacy they wanted.