Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Recommended Reading: Unknown Pleasures

After years of biographies, films, and documented accounts of the history of Joy Division, last year, Joy Division bassist Peter Hook gave his word and the first autobiography about the iconic band from a member with his fantastic book, Unknown Pleasures. The book, which traces Hooky's roots in Salford, England, to how he linked up with Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner, and Stephen Morris to form Joy Division. While Sumner, Morris and Hook were friends before meeting Curtis, Hooky describes with the greatest detail how everything came about from their initial meeting to seeing The Sex Pistols in Manchester to the evolution of the band as they started off as Warsaw and then to the shocking suicide of their leader, Ian Curtis. This is a must read for any fan of the band and a phenomenal document  and timeline of how and when things happened. Hooky also details the beginning of New Order and how his bands influenced the likes of U2, OutKast, Moby and many more. While the narrative of the story is a unique eyewitness account, the best moments of the book are the stories of the band members goofing around with each other and hanging out. It is one of the most candid and insight autobiographies on a band ever written. A must read.