Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Great Soundtrack: Goal!

As the soccer season gears up in Europe this month and since we are still looking back on highlights of the World Cup, we picked a soundtrack that may have gotten overlooked but still fantastic. In 2006, director Danny Cannon brought the Cinderella soccer story Goal! to the big screen. While the film tanked in the U.S. it did wonders overseas, surprised? Yeah, we are not either. The film, which follows a Mexican-American from being picked from obscurity in California to getting a chance to play with English club Newcastle United.

The film is inspirational and fun to watch, but what set the tone and English spirit was the music. The soundtrack which takes the listener to the Britpop heyday of Oasis, Zero 7, Happy Mondays also made current bands like Unkle, Kasabian featured very much in the film. A majority of the tracks do in fact come from Oasis, and not surprising the Gallagher brothers may loathe each other but love "The Beautiful Game." The soundtrack picks the most passionate tracks from these bands and gives the listener something to cheer for.