Monday, December 15, 2014

Quick News

Long Island emo band The Movielife have announced they are reuniting and will play a series of shows in the new year. The band, who stopped playing in 2011, spoke to Noisey where front man Vinnie Caruana said, "I thought we'd never do it again. We were pretty definitive that the last show that we played would be the last show that we played, and I think I've learned my lesson. Now that I'm in my mid-thirties, which sounds really fucking weird to me, I know that no doors really ever close. I mean, you could make examples of doors that are definitely closed, or should be closed, forever, but I don't think that things like this are one of them. You never know how you're going to feel five or ten years later."

Speaking to CBS This Morning, Michael Stipe has come out and claimed that R.E.M. will never reunite, saying, "No. That will never happen… There's no point. I love those guys very much and I respect them hugely as musicians and as songwriters and everything but I just don’t want to do that thing that people do...I despise nostalgia. I'm not good at looking back."

Modest Mouse will release their new album, their first in eight years, Strangers to Ourselves, in March.

Taking to Twitter, Smith Westerns have announced they are going on indefinite hiatus. The band, who formed seven years ago released three acclaimed records.

Mark Ronson will release his new album, Uptown Special, next month. He has now unleashed the star-studded tracklisting to his LP. Take a look:
'Uptown's First Finale' featuring Stevie Wonder & Andrew Wyatt
'Summer Breaking' featuring Kevin Parker
'Feel Right' featuring Mystikal
'Uptown Funk' featuring Bruno Mars
'I Can’t Lose' featuring Keyone Starr
'Daffodils' featuring Kevin Parker
'Crack in the Pearl' featuring Andrew Wyatt
'In Case of Fire' featuring Jeff Bhasker
'Leaving Los Feliz' featuring Kevin Parker
'Heavy and Rolling' featuring Andrew Wyatt
'Crack in the Pearl pt II' featuring Stevie Wonder & Jeff Bhasker