Monday, December 8, 2014

Quick News

Frank Turner has confirmed that he and his band, The Sleeping Souls, have gone to Nashville to begin work on their new album.

Billboard magazine reports that Jack White will produce The Libertines album that will arrive next year.

Dave Grohl recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss how much footage he has with Sonic Highways. He said, "Dude, we have 1,300 hours of additional footage. We got a lot of shit...trying to reduce all this information from all of these people in each city to an hour-long episode. It's virtually impossible. Just sitting down and watching one of these complete interviews is enough to change your life. Watching Chuck D's interview from beginning to end, if that doesn't make you want to start a group, I don't know what to say."

Speaking to Dazed Digital, Joanna Newsom has confirmed she is working on a new album. She said, "I’m working on something new – I should hopefully have a little more news soon. I’ve been working hard for a lot of those five years on a new idea."

In recent interview with Serbia’s B92 Morrissey has confirmed that he has written his next album and hopes to record it in February.