Sunday, November 13, 2016

Live Review: The Lemon Twigs at Rock and Roll Hotel

As the country came to a standstill this week following the presidential election, the nation's capitol was still as confused as everyone else making sense of what would happen the next four years. As Saturday night fell on Washington, D.C., the teenage sensations, The Lemon Twigs, performed at the intimate Rock and Roll Hotel to help everyone forget about what just happened, even for a little bit.

The members of the Long Island band are hardly old enough to vote but that didn't stop them from letting the adult s in the room reflect on a time what they were doing with their lives when they were the age of The Lemon Twigs. The band is the brain child of two siblings, Brian and Danny D'Addario, who swap guitar, drum and frontman duties. Danny Ayala plays keyboards and Megan Zeankowski is on bass to round out the raw and brooding talent of this band who take influences from The Beatles, Queen and The Doors. Clearly they grew up in a household where classic rock reigns and they manage to make it all their own.

On the final night of their first national tour, they closed at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington and during their 45-minute set which featured songs from their 4AD debut, Do Hollywood and an upcoming EP which they announced is arriving next year, the D'Addario brothers and their friends put on the perfect rock and roll show. They don't act nor look their age, their talent is far beyond anything anyone has seen in such a long time thanks to their musicianship and Fab Four-esque harmonies which send chills down the spine of anyone listening. These are not kids in a band they are the future of what indie rock is and paving a career path that will take them beyond the walls of intimate clubs.