Sunday, November 20, 2016

Quick News

The long awaited street sign dedicated to Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest on 192nd Street and Linden Blvd., in St. Albans, Queens has been unveiled.

Next month, a documentary on Frank Turner's 2015/2016 tour, Get Better: A Film About Frank Turner will be released. The musician also spoke to NME about a new album, saying: "“I’ve got a mountain of new material at the moment but I have two reservations about it. The first being that I feel ‘Positive Songs…’ felt like a sort of conclusionary statement. It wasn’t written that way, but looking back on it feels like that’s me wrapping up a certain era of my songwriting. Another way of saying it is I feel like I have the opportunity to go somewhere new and somewhere different at this point, so I’m thinking about doing something reasonably radically different next time round, but we’ll see. And of course, [since Trump won the election] I’ve been thinking about trying to react to the world as it is in 2016 perhaps a bit more openly in my art."

Before Green Day were making American Idiot, they were making an album called Cigarettes and Valentines, however, the record was never released because many of the recordings were stolen. Due to the stolen material, the band retreated and made American Idiot. Now, speaking about the lost recordings for the first time Billie Joe Armstrong told NME that whatever was recovered or saved could come out. He said: "It’s pretty much in the vault right now. There was the one song, ‘Cigarettes and Valentine’ that we brought out live, I don’t know, we’ll see if any of that stuff ends up seeing the light of day.”

In a Reddit AMA, Jim James has confirmed a new Monsters of Folk album will be happening. He said: "we started another monsters of folk record a few years ago, for a screenplay that conor wrote for a monsters of folk film, we hope both happen someday, cuz we wanna write music for the film, but its tough to get a weird film made these days! maybe someday!"