Sunday, July 22, 2012

EXCLUSIVE! Two Wounded Birds INTV!

What if The Beach Boys had a darker tone and edge to them? What if The Beach Boys formed in England instead of California? What if some surf rock bands took their light tones and threw in a few touches of grey to their music? All of these "what if" factors equal one of the most talked about new bands in England - Two Wounded Birds. Forming in 2010 and taking inspiration from The Beach Boys, surf rock and 80's British cold wave bands like Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure and others, Two Wounded Birds make for some of the most interesting concepts and music out there today. We recently spoke with singer Johnny Danger, guitarist Joe Stevens and bassist Ally Blackgrove. Needless to say, the band already have the look, buzz and attitude of band that has been doing this for years. Take a look at our interview with Two Wounded Birds below:

After forming in 2008 in your native England, it took a few years for you to get a buzz here in America. Do you consider yourself a buzz band?

Ally Blackgrove: A buzz band latches on to a trend, we never want to be a band that does that

Hailing from a seaside town, it seems like the beach and ocean have played a key role in your music. Do you think Two Wounded Birds would have been able to form anywhere else?

Joe Stevens: Slough.

Surf-rock or beach inspired rock seemed to really swell in 2010 and has taken to indie rock very well, with bands like The Soft Pack, Male Bonding, The Drums, Tennis, Surfer Blood and many others. How does Two Wounded Birds separate themselves from the pack?

Ally Blackgrove: I don’t think any of those bands are surf bands and I don’t think we sound like any of them.

You toured with The Drums when you were first starting out, what was that experience like? Could we ever see you both tour here together in the US?

Ally Blackgrove: Touring with the drums was great. Who knows...

There have been many English surf-rock or seaside inspired bands to come from the UK, aside from yourselves there is The Heartbreaks, The Vaccines, Male Bonding, Doll and the Kicks and many others. Do you feel that this is the new indie trend in UK? Is there camaraderie among you and these bands since you all come from similar backgrounds?

Johnny Danger: I’m not sure if any of these bands sound like us. When people say surf-rock it sounds empty. night patrol is a surf song and its a great song song but when I hear surf now I just think of shit bands, I cant even think of the bands. because a band is from the seaside it doesn’t mean they are a surf band.

It’s a small facet of our sound and its something we’re into but its a small part of our sound, I don’t know why people are so desperate to cage us, I don’t know why they cant just consider it as a rock and roll band. at a time we were writing happy songs, the music press annoys me, they fucking have a go at you for being a particular way so you cant win either way.

You have been compared to The Beach Boys, how do you find the comparison? Are you flattered or do things like this not affect you?

Johnny Danger: Brian Wilson is a genius. they’re an amazing band, hes the king of melody.

Aside from the seaside, what is Two Wounded Birds’ biggest inspiration

Johnny Danger: Death.

How much fun are you having playing in this band?

Joe Stevens: None whatsoever. We’re doing this for the money.

The band has a great look and attitude that is part punk, mod and garage. Is the style of a band just as important as its sound?

Johnny Danger: Mod has nothing to do with us. I’m not sure what Mod means to Americans, but we’re a rock and roll band and we like to write songs.

What has been the best thing about Two Wounded Birds thus far?

Ally Blackgrove: Nothing but the motherfucking pussy.