Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quick News

Following their support slot of The Stone Roses Heaton Park homecoming gigs this weekend in Manchester, England, Beady Eye's Liam Gallagher spoke to BBC6 Music and gave an update on Beady Eye's new record. Gallagher said, "The first album came straight off the back of Oasis splitting up and we just wanted to be in a band again, so we just went straight in and did it. This time, we're taking our time a bit. We're not worried with having to be out there, we'll be there when the songs are absolutely bang on." He then admitted that the songs to the follow-up to Different Gear, Still Speeding "are a lot better." We gave Beady Eye's debut a position on our Honorable Mentions last year during our 2011 year end countdown.

Speaking of 2011 year end countdown, our pick for the "Album of the Year" last year went to Arctic Monkeys Suck it and See and now the band have given some insight on the follow up to their best record. Singer Alex Turner told Artrocker, "I think we're going to go the direction of those heavier tunes. We did 'R U Mine?', and I think that's where it's going to be at for us for the next record." He then said he hopes to record the album in the bands hometown of Sheffield, England, "It would be nice to record in Sheffield, which we haven't done for a while. I was living in New York, and that's where I wrote a lot of those songs, and the fact that me and the other chaps were on either side of a large body of water – I wrote a lot on acoustic guitar in the flat. Then we went and applied to it what we thought they needed, which is not really a way that we worked before. Mostly it's the just the four of us hashing it out in a rehearsal space, but those kind of songs were in the minority on the last record due to circumstance really."

The hardest working band in music, The Roots, have released the title to their new album. The follow-up to last years undun will be called &TYSYC, it is an acronym but no one right now outside of the bands inner circle knows what it means. There is also no words on a release date at the moment.

Four Tet will release his new album, Pink, on August 20. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
01) Locked
02) Lion
03) Jupiters
04) Ocoras
05) 128 Harps
06) Pyramid
07) Peace for Earth
08) Pinnacles