Saturday, July 28, 2012


Last week the news broke that Swedish dream-rock, psychedelic juggernauts, The Soundtrack of Our Lives were breaking up this fall. The band, who released their seventh record, Throw it to the Universe, earlier this year are calling it quits after near 17 years together. The band, which gained international acclaim after the release of their brilliant 2002 record, Behind the Music, went on to tour the world and become one of rock's favorite bands. From their magical and inspiring live shows to their epic releases, The Soundtrack of Our Lives will be missed. Right before anyone knew they were breaking up, we spoke with the bands bombastic singer, Ebbot Lundberg about the bands longevity, their new record and Sweden's music scene. Again, we had no idea the band were splitting, but as you will see, he dropped some major hints. Take a look.

You recently released your new record, Throw it to the Universe, after all this time and this being your seventh record, where do you find inspiration for your songs?

 The inspiration is simply what is now.

The title, Throw it to the Universe, is pretty bold. Does it reflect how you want the music out to the world?

It is the purpose of this record and everything we´ve done in the past.

Communion was such a massive album for you, a double-record! After making that album, was the idea to go back-to-basics for Throw it to the Universe?

It was to fulfill the idea of our presence as a group.And now it´s finally done.

Seven albums in, you show no signs of stopping, yet, with all the touring and recording, is this still exciting for you?

This is the signal of entering a period of recordings to end.To undo repetition. Very exciting and promotionally thrilling for us.

So many people make up this band, does ego, philosophy and arrogance ever interfere with making a record?

Ego does basically interfere with everything in this so called life. But it is a necessity to experience the wish to complete the time that has been given for this entity. Arrogance may be one of the great obstacles but as we move on  - it is all about overcoming the fear of what is within. And the philosophy is to make the narcissist become a narciss. Which is the basic meaning of the term "walking on water". A way to find balance so to speak. As a group of paranoid and self-involved entertainers.

Sweden has become the new musical Mecca with so many artists like Robyn, The Sounds, The Hives, the reunited Refused and yourselves along with so many others are huge internationally. Are your proud to see Sweden on the musical map?

I would rather see bands like Caviare Days, The Oholics, LĂ„ngfinger and Silverbullit represent the so called Scandinavian music scene on this planet. Though I think Refused did a good job in the past along with my old band Union Carbide Productions.

After all these years what is your favorite memory being in The Soundtrack of Our Lives?

 Playing in Egypt and Mongolia for people who did not have any kind of reference to anything.

When the band formed in 1995, did you think that in 2012 you would still be making music?

Yes. That was the idea and the timeline. In 2013 we are no longer working as a group.

You have said before that there has to be a certain amount of mysticism in music or it does not work. Do you feel many artists these days lack that?

Well I have to say it depends what apparatus running this world is spreading for the moment. Mysticism is a way of feeling things by intuition. And bands who are in that sphere are far more interesting than wagon jumpers looking for temporary fame and fortune. It´s been a shallow soundwave indeed ruling this world for the last decades but there´s also been a lot of interesting things going on under the surface currently. Good thing do always last. Like the year of 1966 for instance, and 2012 of course, and real mystic oriented artists knows that. Even in death, like Steven Jobs and Arthur Lee for instance.

From Noel and Liam Gallagher to Little Steven Van Zandt to critics around the world, this band has been praised by so many. How do you respond to the acclaim?

By making this new album. And to introduce these people to new exotic stages of reality distortion.