Thursday, June 16, 2016

Recommended Reading: 'Everyone Loves You When You Are Dead'

One of the major rules of journalism is for the author not to become the story. In his 2011 book, Neil Strauss broke all the rules in order to dive deeper into celebrity life, culture and what makes an artist tick like a bomb. In his interesting book, Everyone Loves You When You Are Dead, Strauss shares a series of interviews he did with the likes of Lady Gaga, Chuck Berry, Britney Spears, Brian Wilson, Pete Townshed and countless others to go deeper into their brain like a psychologist and come out with a stronger understanding of these celebrities.

Strauss, a seasoned journalist and author, picked his best work for this fascinating look at what happens when the curtain has closed, the tours are over, the movie has wrapped filming and these artists ponder what is next. Strauss also discovers what it's like for a rock star to age, in deep discussion with Phil Collins, Townshed and Wilson, he shows that while they still produce music of their youth, what happens when the frontier gets old for the icons.