Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quick News


If there was ever a reason to prove that Oasis could not be getting back together in the near future, Noel Gallagher's latest interview with The Toronto Star, explains it. He claims he hasn't spoken to his brother, Liam, since the 2009 breakup of the band, saying: "We’ve not been on speaking terms since 1996. I tolerated him up until he stopped being able to sing. When singing becomes shouting - I switched off then. I was just amassing money.”

Ozzy Osbourne has no plans on retiring despite the fact that this year will mark the official end of Black Sabbath. The Prince of Darkness told Billboard: "It’s not me that wants to retire, it’s Black Sabbath. I’ll be continuing my own musical thing. My wife is good at telling me partial information, but I know I’m not hanging my boots up for a while.”

The Wedding Present will release their new album, Going Going... in September. 

Following the release of the 2014's disastrous, A Better Tomorrow, Ghostface Killah told HipHopDX that he will be leading the new Wu-Tang Clan record, not RZA. "RZA put the ball in my hand," he explained. "He said 'Yo, I want you to do it,' and I been wanting to do it, and that’s a big test for me right there...I’m going to do my part first and let them know what I did and then have them listen to that and follow my lead.It’s like how they do in sports with athletes. It’s like alright, just follow my lead." No word yet on when the project will begin.

Iggy Pop appeared on The Graham Norton Show in the UK last week and said that he will be stepping away from the music world. Pop told the British host: "I will step back at some point. Another album would be a big undertaking from an old git like me!" He then added: "There's a lot of things I can't do now that I could do when I was 25. But because I was basically kind of a loony, what's happened with me is that the less I can do, the better off I am! But I can do a music show, and I enjoy that. And I can do an advert, or a part in a film, or a radio show. And I really enjoy those things."