Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quick News

Contrary to reports, U2's Bono did not have a heart scare in the south of France last week. The band's spokesperson has said that he went into the hospital for a routine check.

The collaboration album between Lou Reed and Metallica that is due on Halloween will be called Lulu.

After a two year hiatus, Ministry have reformed and will tour through 2012 and will deliver new material in the form of the album, Relapse in the new year. Ministry was sidelined in 2010 when main man Al Jourgensen was on his death bed when he had a burst ulcer and flatlined in the hospital. Jourgensen was saved and has cleaned himself up for the band's next outing.

Glasvegas have been dropped from Columbia Records after the release of their sophomore album, ///Euphoric Heartbreak \\\ which was released earlier this year. However, the band seem to be unfazed by the whole thing, with guitarist Rab Allen speaking to NME saying "People have come in about signing us, but there's no need for us to have a label right now, James (Allan) is writing the third album and when its ready we'll probably sign. The people who want to sign us will still be there in four months time."

The toxicology reports of Amy Winehouse have been released and it states that Amy did not have any illegal drugs in her system when she died last month. However, the reports reveal that alcohol was present in her system.

File this under - "VERY COOL" - The Flaming Lips and Death Cab for Cutie are set to record an EP of tunes together. It went down when members of Death Cab were giving an interview to Spinner and Lips front man Wayne Coyne interrupted the interview to ask the band if they wanted to collaborate together. Clearly both parties agreed and this is something fans should keep on the horizon. Recently the Lips have collaborated with Lightening Bolt and on stage with Weezer.

Florence and the Machine will release their sophomore release their yet-t0-be-titled new album on November 7. Take a listen to the first single, "What Water Gave Me," below.