Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rising Artist - YC the Cynic

While Odd Future are the critics favorite new rappers to discuss, hip-hop is about to go back to it's roots and back to the boogie down Bronx as we present to you, YC the Cynic. A young rapper with a lot to say (don't they all) but while most young MC's these days are about cars, living big or just plain shock value, YC takes an old school approach to his work and not only makes you think but has a great way of telling stories of how he has come about in the process. There has not been a young rapper this exciting to come from the birth place of the genre since Talib Kweli first took to the mic. He has released just two mixtapes, 2010's Your Welcome and 2011's Fall FWD that have gained him enough attention on the scene here in NYC that he is not just someone we will be talking about now, but someone we will be talking about for years to come.