Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movie of the Month - Kicking It

Sometimes in life you just need a little hope when you are down. For those homeless on the streets and looking for a way back into the amalgamation of civilization anything will do. The 2008 soccer documentary, Kicking It explores that idea and sets the ball in motion for homeless men from around the world to represent their teams in a version of the World Cup designed for players in the same situation of needing food and shelter. Following players from Ireland, Russia, US and South Africa, Kicking It explores how these men have been knocked down in life; either due to drug addiction, have always lived a life of poverty or in some cases just lost in all making poor decisions. The film explores how soccer helped them rehabilitate their self esteem, self worth, dignity and gave them a purpose to play and represent their country and travel to South Africa in a tournament geared just for them. Narrated by Colin Farrell and featuring the music of U2, the story of these men out on the street and players and teams just like them is played out on the pitch all in hope for the goal of glory.