Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quick News

Chris Cornell will release his new solo album, Higher Truth, in September.

Grimes has announced that she will release a "surprise" record in October and promises it to be different than her previous albums.

French pianist Christophe Chassol has revealed to BBC that Frank Ocean has recorded part of his new album in Abbey Road. While nothing else was released in terms of info, it has been rumored that the Channel Orange-follow-up will arrive in July.

Lana Del Rey is expected to release her new album, Honeymoon, in September.

Speaking to Electronic Beats, former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has mentioned that he will not release any new music but only record it. He said, "At this point I have no audience. I make tracks and I don’t finish them or send them to anybody, and consequently I get to live with the music. The music becomes the atmosphere that I’m living in. I either make really beautiful music that comes from classical, or I make music where the tempo is moving the whole time, and there’s no melodic or rhythmic center. It’s just disorienting music that’s falling apart."

Robyn is teaming up with her keyboardist Markus J├Ągerstedt, for a new project called La Bagatelle Magique. The duo are set to tour Europe this summer and record an album.