Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Movie of the Month: Drive

In 2011, Ryan Gosling starred in the quiet yet damn-near-perfect neo-noir film-- Drive. The film, centered around a stunt man who leads a very private and quiet life and operates as a getaway driver at night changes when he meets a woman that transforms his emotions. Adapted by the novel of the same name, Drive takes the viewer on a journey into the underworld of Los Angeles as one man tries to right his wrongs so can rectify whatever chance of a better future he has left. With an all-star cast including Carey Mulligan, Ron Pearlman, Bryan Cranston, Oscar Isaac, Christina Hendricks and a very, very badass Albert Brooks, Drive gained international acclaim at festivals  before hitting theaters in the fall of 2011. Released four years ago this month, this film still can be viewed over and over again and helped raise the bar as to what early fall movies should be.