Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Quick News


A documentary on the legendary Marvin Gaye called Marvin, What's Going On?, is currently in development by his children and former wife. According to Variety, the documentary will center around the making of his iconic record, What's Going On? and his life during that time. It is slated for production this year, no release date has been set.

Franz Ferdinand announced the departure of guitarist Nick McCarthy last week. Now, the former axeman has a new band with his wife, Manuela Gerendal called Manuela. They plan on releasing music this year.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez spoke to Rolling Stone about a plethora of items -- including his 12 solo albums being released this year, a possible Mars Volta reunion, At the Drive-in, and the new Antemasque record. On his solo work, the axeman said: "I quit recording solo material in 2013, so these are all old solo records that are coming out."

- On Mars Volta, he said: "At some point, we’d love to do [Mars Volta] again too, you know what I mean?” There’s so much to do there as well.”

 - On the departure of Jim Ward from At the Drive-in, he said: "Jim's been out of the band on three other occasions, and some of our longest, hardest tours he wasn't there for. We did a tour that was six months straight throughout American where he just wasn't in the band." He added: "I'll keep it really simple about Jim. If you think the timing was a shock to you, as a fan, it was tough on us to be such an irresponsible timing, to be let known about it so close to tour."

 - He also spoke about Antemasque's upcoming album, which features Travis Barker on drums: "I guess we're just waiting for the release date from the label. Since we're on tour and Blink's on tour, they're just trying to figure out the release date, but the record was done a while ago. Hopefully they'll give us a date soon."