Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lana Del Rey Announces New Album, Shares Trailer

Lana Del Rey has announced that her new album, Lust for Life, is coming "very soon." The New York City singer shared a trailer for the record, take a look!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Depeche Mode Spirit

Over 30 years and 14 albums together, Depeche Mode are still going strong with their brooding dark synths, themes, and message. Their new album, Spirit, takes all of the musical elements they have been working on since 2005’s Playing the Angel and gives it a political twist. Exposing the themes of Brexit, the Trump campaign, and the instability of the EU, Depeche Mode tells their fanbase how to rise up should they need a lesson. When not singing about the social issues of the world, the band of course look inward with introspective tunes about their lives and well-being.  While it is not too adventurous in sonic cannon it makes up for itself in the motifs they are playing on.

SpoonHot Thoughts

In what could be one of their best albums, Spoon return with their ninth album and exceed all expectations. Hot Thoughts is one of their most musically provoking and catchy albums. The Austin band has seemed to shed a skin where they do not hold back.

Conor OberstSalutations

The electric version of last year’s quiet Ruminations is the same record but totally different. The passion, feeling and lyrics are all equal to last year’s album but the music is Oberst showing off that his is much more than an acoustic folk hero.

Sleaford Mods English Tapas

The diabolical duo come out swinging on their latest and like Slaves did last year with Take Control, Sleaford Mods pick up the anger and intensity with English Tapas.

Raekwon The Wild

Part super hero storyline, part typical Raekwon record. The Chef returns with his latest solo venture that hears him sharpening his storytelling skills like his Wu-Tang brothers Ghostface Killah and Inspectah Deck have done and bringing a fury only he can.

WireSilver / Lead

The post-punk legends return with their 16th studio album and while many would expect it to be a typical Wire record, they change their pace. The band outwit their critics and longtime fans to bring a modern twist to their sound and style but keep the blueprint of what they have done in the forefront.

British Sea Power Let the Dancers Inherit the Party

In one of their most complete records and best in over a decade, British Sea Power proves they can still write catchy tunes. The band have been in a free fall musical state since 2008 trying to stay with the times but with their latest, they seem to not attempt to keep up with the pack but stick to the music that made them a popular naughties band.

Grandaddy Last Place

In their first album in 11 years, Grandaddy return with nothing too crazy but a nice reintroduction to fans and audiences who may have forgotten about them along the way.

The ShinsHeart Worms

The Shines made a new record that sounds like a Shins record. It is not bad, just another Shins record.

Circa Waves Different Creatures

The second album from the English rockers picks up where they acclaimed debut left off and gives fans a few more tunes to add to the arsenal.

Laura Marling Sempre Femina

What could be one of the most ultimate girl power records of the year comes from Laura Marling. The British singer-songwriter’s sixth record is her most political, socially aware and evocative to date.

The Jesus and Mary ChainDamage and Joy

For their first record in 19 years, the Scottish indie heroes return with a record of basic beats, their infamous rhythms, and lyrics about modern pop culture. It sort of sounds like a Jesus and Mary Chain but doesn’t feel like one. After 19 years, one would expect more from the icons.

Alexis Taylor - Listen With(out) Piano

The new album from the Hot Chip frontman is a reworking of last year’s somber and quiet, Piano. Now, the record has a little more flair and can be played with Piano or separately. It is as if he is adding stereo to his mono record.

Brian Jonestown MassacreDon’t Get Lost

The 14th album from the noise-pop vets is a continuation of the sound that has made them indie darlings for over 20 years.

Craig Finn We All Want the Same Things

The Hold Steady frontman goes solo for the third time and brings with him his master storytelling. The record, unlike his previous, is much more quiet and somber but still leaves the listener in awe of his lyrics.

GoldfrappSilver Eye

The electronic songstress returns with her latest offering of dance ready hits that strike the heart as well as the feet.

Dave HauseBury Me in Philly

The punk singer-songwriter returns with his third solo record and delivers an album chock full of personal stories, tragedy, triumph and the never-say-die spirit that has made him an East Coast icon for decades.

Trailer for Upcoming John Coltrane Documentary 'Chasing Train' Released

The forthcoming John Coltrane documentary, Chasing Train: The John Coltrane Story, lands in select theaters next month. The film explores the iconic jazz musicians life before he passed away at 40 and also features Denzel Washington, Kamasi Washington, Bill Clinton, Common, in the film. Take a look

Slowdive Announce 1st Album in 22 Years

In May, Slowdive will release their first album since 1995's Pygmalion. The self-titled record was recorded in England and Los Angeles. 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

01 Slomo
02 Star Roving
03 Don’t Know Why
04 Sugar for the Pill
05 Everyone Knows
06 No Longer Making Times
07 Go Get It
08 Falling Ashes

Gary Clark Jr. on 'Conan'

Watch Gary Clark Jr. perform "Our Love" on Conan.

Monday, March 27, 2017

VINTAGE CLIP: Gorillaz at Apollo Theater in 2006

It is Gorillaz-mania at OAY and to celebrate the announcement of their new album, watch the band's performance of "Dare" in 2006 at the Apollo Theater with Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays. 

Read: Gorillaz Announce New Album - 'Humanz' 

Gary Clark Jr. on 'Fallon'

Watch Gary Clark Jr. perform "Our Love" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Live Pix: Biz Markie at House of Blues New Orleans

We happened to take a brief break last week and went to New Orleans where we of course got caught up in the music and culture of the Big Easy. 

While we were there, Biz Markie was DJing the House of Blues as part of his "Decades Collide: 80s Vs. 90s" tour which sees the hip-hop icon DJing some of the best music of both decades. 

Take a look at our live pix of the event which took place Saturday night. 

Royal Blood Tease New Album

Since last fall, Royal Blood have confirmed they are locked away in a California studio recording their new album. Now, for the first time, they have shared a teaser trailer for new music and in the video, it features possible song titles scrawled across a white board. Take a look!

J. Cole Releases Trailer for New HBO Special

J. Cole will release a new HBO special on April 15, called J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only, which is the name of his latest album. The hour long special will feature music from the new record, the making of it, as well as Cole discussing and facing social issues within the Southern part of America.

Quick News

London Grammar took to Instagram to announce that their new album, Truth is a Beautiful Thing, will be released in June. Take a look at the cover, above.

Snoop Dogg has been confirmed that he will induct Tupac into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 7 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Neil Young has been confirmed that he will be inducting Pearl Jam on the same night.

Kendrick Lamar is allegedly releasing a new album on April 7. Speculation has grown since the release of his surprise single "The Heart Part 4," where he calls out other rappers to "Get their shit together" by April 7. Fan sites have also said their is a leaked tracklist that features Kanye West, Andre 3000, Q-Tip, and others. No confirmation from Lamar or Top Dawg Entertainment on the leak.

Noel Gallagher has designed a new sneaker for Adidas which is set to arrive later this spring. Take a look at the shoe that also features his face. 

Paul McCartney has confirmed that he is working on a new album, it will be the follow-up to his 2013 record, New.

In an interview with The Creative Independent, Michael Stipe has confirmed that he is working on a photo autobiography book. He said: "This [book] focuses on my timeline, on the work I’ve done all along, all through the band and back to my early 20s. It’s all photo based, but some of it’s just documentation of things I’m obsessed with and that I focus on to make new pieces from. There are also certain things I’ll take, recontextualize, and present as something completely different."

Gorillaz FINALLY Reveal New Album Details

The beloved animated band, Gorillaz, will release their new album, Humanz, next month.

Listen to Our Essential Blur Playlist on Spotify

The record features a slew of guests including Noel Gallagher, Vince Staples, Jehnny Beth of Savages, De La Soul, Mavis Staples, Pusha-T and more.

Listen to Our Essential Noel Gallagher Playlist 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and watch a slew of new videos from the iconic group. 

1. Ascension feat. Vince Staples
2. Strobelite feat. Peven Everett
3. Saturnz Barz feat. Popcaan
4. Momentz feat. De La Soul
5. Submission feat. Danny Brown & Kelela
6. Charger feat. Grace Jones
7. Andromeda feat. D.R.A.M.
8. Busted and Blue
9. Carnival feat. Anthony Hamilton
10. Let Me Out feat. Mavis Staples & Pusha T
11. Sex Murder Party feat. Jamie Principle & Zebra Katz
12. She’s My Collar feat. Kali Uchis
13. Hallelujah Money feat. Benjamin Clementine
14. We Got The Power feat. Jehnny Beth

Ride Announce 1st Album in Over 20 Years

Ride will release their first album in over 20 years, Weather Diaries, in June.

Read Our 2015 Interview with Andy Bell of Ride and Oasis 

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and watch the video for "Charm Assault."

01 Lannoy Point
02 Charm Assault
03 All I Want
04 Home Is a Feeling
05 Weather Diaries
06 Rocket Silver Symphony
07 Lateral Alice
08 Cali
09 Integration Tape
10 Impermanence
11 White Sands

Green Day on 'Colbert'

Watch Green Day perform "Still Breathing" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Quick News

In May, Danzig will release his first album in seven years, Black Laden Crown. Take a look at the cover, above.

For the first time in five years, Blu and Exile are back in the studio together to work on the follow-up to their acclaimed 2012 release, Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them. Exile took to Instagram over the weekend to share the news.
A post shared by Exile Dirty📀Science (@exileradio) on

Jarvis Cocker will has signed a six-figure deal to write a book on creativity. The book, This Book Is A Song, will feature his essays, partial biography, illustrations and photos. It is set to come out sometime this year.

Suede's Brett Anderson is set to release his memoir next year. The book, Cold Black Mornings, will arrive in early 2018 and will chronicle his life as a musician, his Britpop rivalries and his upbringing. 

Live Pix: Sun O))) at Knockdown Center

On Friday night, Sun O))) performed inside the Knockdown Center on the Queens / Brooklyn boarder in New York City. 

Our very own RICH D SMOOV was on hand to capture the action who said the show was the loudest of his life and if anyone has followed this site for the last decade, you know with him it is all about the high intensity and decibel raising artists. 

He left the gig saying he was physically in pain by how much sound they put out. 

Take a look at some of his pix, below:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Cranberries Reimagine Classics On New Album

Next month, The Cranberries will release their new album, Something Else, which will feature new songs as well as some of their classics reimagined.

"I prefer them like this," singer Dolores O'Riordan said in a press release of the classic songs new sound"with a little bit more experience behind them, with a new lease of life. They sound fresh again."

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

01. Linger
02. The Glory
03. Dreams
04. When You’re Gone
05. Zombie
06. Ridiculous Thoughts
07. Rupture
08. Ode To My Family
09. Free To Decide
10. Just My Imagination
11. Animal Instinct
12. You & Me
13. Why

Incubus Detail New Album '8'

Incubus will release their new album, 8, next month. The record was produced by the band and D. Sardy and mixed by Skrillex.

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

01. “No Fun”
02. “Nimble Bastard”
03. “State of the Art”
04. “Glitterbomb”
05. “Undefeated”
06. “Loneliest”
07. “When I Became A Man”
08. “Familiar Faces”
09. “Love in a Time of Surveillance”
10. “Make No Sound in the Digital Forest”
11. “Throw Out the Map”

Run the Jewels on 'Fallon'

Watch Run the Jewels perform "Legend Has It" on The Tonight Show.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Great Soundtracks: 'High Fidelity'

17 years ago, one of the most beloved music books was turned into a cult classic film starring John Cusack. High Fidelity was about a hopeless romantic working in a music shop in the 1990s resonated with Generation X and the Baby Boomers. After the film became a hit, the soundtrack was just as talked about.

Director Stephen Frears assembled an array of classics from Aretha Franklin, The Jam, 13th Floor Elevators, Barry White, The Beta Band, The Velvet Underground, The Kinks, Stevie Wonder, and more. The soundtrack captured the cornucopia of sound that was featured in the film's record store and was enough for all generations to get behind. The soundtrack becomes a taste of what was in the film and could have been an anthology much like Danny Boyle did with Trainspotting. However, it is enough for fans to spin over and over even after all these years, the soundtrack proves that good music is timeless.

Recommended Reading: 'How to Ru(i)n a Record Label'

Green Day, Rancid, Operation Ivy, Screeching Weasel, The Queers, The Mr. T Experience, the list goes on for all of the influential punk and DIY artists that Larry Livermore signed to his label, Lookout Records. The label was a breading ground for new and emerging talent in the late 80s and early 90s in the Bay Area of California. By the time of the Millennium, the label went belly up and it was nothing more than a memory to fans and those who they influenced along the way.

Last year, Livermore put his memoirs together and told the definitive story of Lookout with his book, How to Ru(i)n a Record Label. In a label that started out in a small house in Northern California turned into a multi-million dollar company before he walked away from it all. Livermore chronicles and details what happened and for the first time, a first hand account as to what led to the fall of the legendary label has been told.


Here are our 27 random musical musings for the month. Listen and Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Feist Takes to Twitter to Detail New Album

Feist took to Twitter Tuesday to announce her first album in six years, Pleasures, will arrive next month. She also tweeted about the making of the record, saying:

Take a look at the tracklisting, below:
01 Pleasure
02 I Wish I Didn’t Miss You
03 Get Not High, Get Not Low
04 Lost Dreams
05 Any Party
06 A Man Is Not His Song
07 The Wind
08 Century
09 Baby Be Simple
10 I’m Not Running Away
11 Young Up

The Shins on 'Colbert'

Watch The Shins perform "Name for You" on The Late Show Starring Stephen Colbert.

Hurray for the Riff Raff on 'Conan'

Watch Hurray for the Riff Raff perform "Hungry Ghost" on Conan.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Live Pix: Africa Now! at the Apollo

Saturday night at the Apollo the Africa Now! festival took place which featured artists from all across the continent including our beloved Tuelo & Her Cousins. 

The event was hosted by South Africa comic Loyiso Gola and featured Songhoy Blues from Mali, South Africa's Tuelo, DJ Nenim of Nigeria, Darby Toure of Maurtania, and Mbongwana Star of DRC. 

Take a look at some live pix below:

Songhoy Blues
 Loyiso Gola

 Mbongwana Star

Friday, March 10, 2017

Spoon on 'Late Late Show'

Watch Spoon perform "I Ain't The One" on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Live Review: The Flaming Lips at Terminal 5

Unicorns! Balloons! Psychedelic Lights! Confetti! Strobes! Inflatable Animals! Inflatable Eyeballs! Rainbows! Inflatable Mushrooms! Costume Changes!

Those listed about with the exclamation marks are just some of the ingredients to The Flaming Lips' current stage show. The fearless freaks from Oklahoma made their way to New York City as they are on the road in support of their new album, Oczy Mlody, which arrived in January.

The band are no strangers to embracing their weirdness and love for theatrics that their concerts actually make you feel high without ever having to take a drug. With their homemade costumes and never ending supply of props and visuals, the beloved band brought their new album to life for the first time in Manhattan.

Opening with "Race for the Prize," then going straight into "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Part 1," the smile from the fans' faces never left for the hour and 45 minutes they were on stage. Songs like "There Should be Unicorns," "Pompeii," "The Observer" and "How???" kept delivering punch after punch of psychedelic love and sound.

Aside from the props and lights, the highlight of the show came when the band played David Bowie's "Space Oddity." As the Lips were on stage doing one of the best covers to the classic, singer Wayne Coyne put himself into his signature inflatable ball and walked across the audience to a smaller "B" stage between two inflatable mushrooms and sang the song as if he was the spaceman Bowie was singing about.

"We played that song for over a year since he died," Coyne told the crowd. "At some point over the summer, we were not going to play it anymore. He was gone for a few months now and we thought it was time to give it a rest but it found its way back into our set no matter how hard we tried...Now, we will always play Space Oddity."

The revelation that Coyne made about the song gave the performance a new dimension. He also explained that he never saw nor met Bowie, one of his heroes, and felt that performing the song would help keep him alive and for those that never did get to experience the Thin White Duke in concert, this could be something for them.

As the night began to wind down songs like "The W.A.N.D.," "The Castle," "A Spoonful Weighs a Ton," closed out the main set. Following a brief break, they returned with their epic closer, "Do You Realize?" Yet, the most touching moment came with Coyne explaining why their fans are the greatest and why they play the song each night. He addressed the fact that "someone in this room could be going through profound sadness and they have you to help them and this show to make them forget about their problems for a little bit." As the gratitude from his lips echoed across the massive room, the audiences smile widened as if it couldn't get any bigger and as the song helped settle everyone back to earth and reality, it made for a perfect end to a brilliant night.

The one thing about the Flaming Lips' carer which has spanned over 30 years, they have always been known for their live shows and how they can work a room. Unfortunately, a room like Terminal 5 is far too small for them. While it is intimate enough for lucky fans who got in, it is not big enough to carry their sound, show, and style. The bigger is better for the Lips.

Sting on 'James Cordenn'

Watch Sting perform "One Fine Day" on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Spoon on 'Kimmel'

Watch Spoon perform "Hot Thoughts" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Afghan Whigs Announce New Album

In May, The Afghan Whigs will return with their new album, In Spades. 

In a press release, singer Greg Dulli called the album "a spooky record," adding: "I like that it’s veiled. It’s not a concept album per se, but as I began to assemble it, I saw an arc and followed it. To me it’s about memory—in particular, how quickly life and memory can blur together."

Listen to Our Essential Afghan Whigs Playlist on Spotify!

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and watch the new video for "Demon in Profile," starring Har Mar Superstar.

01 Birdland
02 Arabian Heights
03 Demon in Profile
04 Toy Automatic
05 Oriole
06 Copernicus
07 The Spell
08 Light as a Feather
09 I Got Lost
10 Into the Floor