Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The West African Mixtape

West Africa has given the world many resources and savage history.

The western part of the continent faced massive slave trade for centuries and has been ravaged by struggling economies, imperialism, false prophets and leaders but the people of these nations like Ghana, Mali, Niger, Chad, Nigera, Sierra Leone, Libera, Democratic Republic of the Congo, among others, all persevere. 

The famous names that have come from these areas like Drogba, Kevin Prince-Boetang, George Weah, among others, all did it through the power of soccer. Others use the beautiful music to make a name for themselves. 

This cultural mixtape which features Fela Kuti, DRC Music, Africa Express, Tal Nacional, Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars, captures the flavors, vibes, feelings, and taste of a very intriguing part of the world. 

Take a listen to our latest cultural mixtape and find out for yourself.