Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The South African Mixtape

As we mentioned, we were on holiday in London and while on our flight making playlists of songs available, British Airways seemed to highlight a lot of artists coming from South Africa to help promote new flights from the airline going to that country.  While listening to the playlists, the idea came across to begin a new playlist series we would like to call "The National Mixtape," every quarter or so, you will get a mixtape of artists from a foreign land  for you to get a flavor and taste of what music is like on the other part of the globe.

Nelson Mandela's land is no stranger to this site,  we have featured interviews from South African artists like BLK JKS, The Parlotones, and John Wizards, and felt with the African Cup of Nation's soccer tournament coming up, this was the perfect country to start this project.

As we are always keep our ear to what is going on in that country and beyond and we hope this playlist serves as that.

Take a listen and share with your friends.