Monday, March 26, 2012

Sigur Ros Cover & Tracklisting

On May 29, Sigur Ros will release their first new album since 2008! The album, Valtari which translates from Icelandic to English as "Steamroller," is already being hailed as one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Take a look at the cover above and the tracklisting below and listen to the new single, "Ekki Mukk," below.

1 Êg Anda
2 Ekki Múkk
3 Varúð
4 Rembihnûtur
5 Dauðalogn
6 Varðeldur
7 Valtari
8 Fjögur Píanó

Sigur Rós - Ekki múkk from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.