Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quick News

Taking to their Facebook page this weekend, England's Gritpop band, Viva Brother have confirmed they have finished recording their second album. No word on a release date.

Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan spoke to Rolling Stone to discuss the bands plans for their new album. He said, "We've got about 20 songs demoed and we're going to begin recording at the end of next month," he then continued to say, It's a very different process from what it used to be. You've got to put interesting people around you, you've got to work with people who are gonna inspire you to take the songs you've written into a completely different direction, because there's nothing more boring than going to the studio and predictably knowing what is going to happen."

With this year marking the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones, Hyperion books plans to release The Rolling Stones: 50 this fall. It will feature new photos, text and unpublished documents on the band, the book has been authorized by The Stones themselves and this seems to be the only plan to celebrate the band's milestone this year publicly.

Carl Barat has hinted to NME that The Libertines could reform at any point. He said to the magazine that he and Pete Doherty are talking and mentioned, "We're both doing different things, [but] I'm sure at some point we'll pick up where we left off when it's needed." In 2010 the Britpop band reunited for a string of festivals and shows, fingers crossed this happens and they, like Blur, make it to the US.

On March 13 - next week - Le Tigre will release a live EP called Le Tigre Live. The EP is a retrospect of the bands live career in seven songs.

Florence and the Machine will release their MTV Unplugged performance on CD and DVD in April. The performance featured Florence do a duet with Josh Home of Queens of the Stone Age.

Keane are set to release their fourth album, Strangeland on May 8. Take a look at the cover below:
On April 2, One Little Indian records will release Biophilia remix series based around the latest record from Bjork, Biophilia. The eight-part remix series will feature; Death Grips, El Guincho, Matthew Herbert, Hudson Mohawke, Alva Noto, These New Puritans, 16 Bit, King Cannibal, Current Value and others. A new remix will be released every two weeks on vinyl, digital and CD.

Diplo will release his much anticipated, Express Yourself EP in May. Take a look at the tracklisting below, the EP drops on May 1:
01 Express Yourself [ft. Nicky Da B]
02 No Problem [ft. Flinch & Kay]
03 Move Around [ft. Elephant Man and GTA]
04 Butters Theme [ft. Billy the Gent and Long Jawns]
05 Set It Off [ft. Lazerdisk Party Sex]
06 Barely Standing [ft. Datsik & Sabi]